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Industrial Noise Exposure

Occupational noise exposure has been linked to a variety of negative health effects by various researchers around the world. Occupational noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most prevalent irreversible industrial disease and noise is the biggest compensable occupational hazard in many countries according to a WHO report.

Balancing On A Banana Skin

Statistics show that slips, trips and falls are still the most common cause of injuries globally in the workplace. And that they relate to more than a third of all major injuries reported makes you wonder why, when so much is written about it, do we have to ask ourselves: “What have we really done to eliminate it?” We must all look a little deeper into what is often a more deeply rooted - and never really reported or tackled - issue.

Hearing Protection

David Whiting discusses how a strategic risk assessment approach can work best in noisy workplaces.



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