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The Height of Safety

High Visibility Standards

Hazard Detection

Training For Life

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Arrest That Fall (OSA)

Sound Counsel

Love Your Hands

Silent Killers

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Life Or Death Options

Training In A Tight Spot

The Augmented Human

The Augmented Human [Sep 2012]. Published in OSA Magazine - . The region’s only A4 glossy, English language journal tying the entire region together for regulations, best practice, training and, most importantly, Personal Protective Equipment for the work force.Reporting to the high-risk industries such as oil and gas, petrochem, construction, mining, utilities...

Shaking Up Safety

Some schools of thought advocate wearing gloves to guard employees against Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Others suggest the protection gloves offer from this condition is minimal. Whatever your counsel has been on this matter, it’s important managers have a comprehensive understanding of this potentially very serious condition in order to safeguard workers health in the long term – whether that’s by supplying their work force with suitable hand protection, or through other means.

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Slips, Trips and Falls [Jun 2012]

Ninety-five percent of accidents in our industry happen due to unsafe situations. Due to all such unsafe situations, the most frequently occurring accidents in professional and non-professional life are slips, trips and falls. They are the major cause of injuries worldwide.

Life Preserving RPE

David Lummis, CEO of the British Safety Industry Federation, discusses the importance of correctly fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment, the factors to take into account when selecting such equipment and UK initiatives that have been set up to help tackle these issues.

Burning Questions In Workwear

Protective clothing offers the wearer reliable protection against health risks and environmental effects related to their job which cannot be avoided in their line of work. In Germany, for example, protective clothing amounts to about 40% of the total market for personal protection equipment (PPE), thus being the biggest individual business segment for PPE, followed by hand protection (22%) and protective footwear (14%).

Protective Coveralls

Heat and flame testing of protective coveralls Manufacturers producing garments protecting workers against heat and flame hazards have three ISO standards which can be utilised in the design of the garments: namely ISO 11611:2007 (protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes), ISO 11612:2008 (protective clothing for workers exposed to heat) and ISO 14116:2008 (protective clothing for workers exposed to flame).

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The Great Roofing Story

Intentions behind following safety rules What is Project Management? Despite the plethora of information available on the subject and the access to different diplomas/degree courses in Project Management, the cardinal rule is that Project Management is all about getting things done. While a theoretical course is extremely helpful to understand the techniques, the knowledge of project management is mainly derived from experience.

Five Tests for Footwear

Since June 1995, products designed to protect the user from health and safety hazards must be CE marked before they can be sold in the European Community. This includes all such goods, wherever they are manufactured, including Asia. Such products are called Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are covered by the Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC. This EC directive defines the regulations and procedures required before a PPE product may be CE marked and placed on the market. It includes a set of health and safety requirements with which all PPE must comply.

Finding the Perfect Gloves

Never underestimate the value of your hands. Your hands help you every second of every day. They are there to help you cook your favorite meal, play catch with your kids, and hold your loved ones close.

Workplace Safety

Of all the work that is undertaken around the world every day of every year the most feared – by both labourer and managing director – is that which has to be undertaken at height or in areas of difficult access.

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Chemical Protection

Chemical incidents can be of various types. Some result in the need for minor first aid while others are disastrous accidents, involving the use of hazardous chemicals – which can be toxic, flammable or reactive.

Choosing Gloves To Protect Skin

The Health and Safety Executive is an independent regulator with a remit of ‘putting those who put others in danger before the courts’. The HSE also provides support to businesses. Here they share their wisdom about the use of gloves as a form of PPE, while suggesting numerous alternatives.

Combustible Dust

Manufacturing industries don’t appear high risk like the oil, gas, petrochemical, and mining sectors. Appearances are deceiving. After all, how dangerous is shopping at the grocery store while navigating the aisles, or comparing department store prices on electronic products, gadgets, and wizardry?

Fall Arrest

Falls from height have been a major cause for concern in Singapore. As of August 2 of this year, there have been 15 such fatalities, in which four were from the construction industry. Putting safety provisions in place for your workforce will not only safeguard your employees, but help to prevent costly accidents in every sense.

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Flame Retardant Clothing - A Guide

This article aims to provide simple facts to the reader in relation to the popular issues surrounding flame retardant fabrics and garments, especially those used in the oil and gas industries.

Eye Protection

From domestic DIY environments, right through to heavy industries and military applications, protective eyewear is one of today’s most common types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

As an important part of self protection in the workplace, Elaine Munro from BSI looks at the different types of eye protectors and offers advice on choosing the best solution for the job at hand.

Face Fit Testing

This article reviews UK practices and improvements made by stakeholder bodies supported by the Health and Safety Executive - including a professionally recognised accreditation scheme which aims to ensure the competency of fit test providers.
While legislation to protect workers included in OSA’s demographics is emerging, consistent regulations have yet to be established. Citing the quite specific experience of UK health and safety practitioners will give Asian readers an idea not only of how lengthy the process of creating coherent safeguards for workers has been, but will also give them insights into the many nuances and subtle distinctions the various elements of legislation embrace, plus the support systems that have developed in terms of legislative enforcement.


This year and in early 2012 the Emergency response community will start to see products being introduced to the marketplace that comply with a new series of National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) product performance standards. These standards have one major goal in mind, and that is to protect emergency personnel as they respond to incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN) threat.

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Gripping New Glove Solutions

This is probably going to be one of the shortest articles that you’ve ever read as the answer to that question is YES, grip is indeed the new safety feature.

Hearing Protection

David Whiting discusses how a strategic risk assessment approach can work best in noisy workplaces.

Protection for workers at height

Fall Protection is vital where the risk of a fall cannot be eliminated from the working situation. Injuries involving those who work at heights are generally much more severe than other work place accidents. These types of injuries can often be life-threatening – some are fatal. It is therefore essential that foremen of crews working on rooftops and other raised surfaces be aware of these dangers.


PPE is ever evolving to keep up with the relentless ‘progression’ of chemicals, substances and machinery which could cause harm to the operator or others.

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Fall Protection

Every time a worker is raised from ground level, they face a greater risk of injury or death by falling, tripping, slipping or sliding. If working from heights is unavoidable, it becomes necessary to use protective equipment to either prevent a fall or minimise injury if a fall were to occur.

Protective Footwear [Dec 2010]

Selecting the right type of protective footwear for your site staff is not only essential for their safety, but it also forms part of your duty of care towards your employees. Some basic understanding of footwear categories and how they’re tested can make that selection process much simpler. It can even help you avoid inferior and counterfeit goods during procurement and help mitigate your risks.

Respiratory Protection [December 2010]

With all the new products being developed, and chemicals being mixed to make those products, sometimes just one breath of a toxic fume could do some permanent damage to you, if not death.


Health and safety provision is a fact of life for any modern business and the penalties for failing to ensure the wellbeing of workers can prove disastrous. Claire Lynam of BSI examines the issues surrounding the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), the standards that affect its manufacture, and how the Asian market is reacting to it.

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Eye Protection

When you are issued a pair of safety spectacles, goggles or a welding helmet, have you ever noticed a certification label on the packaging and/or on the product itself and wondered what it really means?

Where worker protection is concerned, the eyes are at the top of the list! If there is a potential for an injury to the eye or face from flying particles, harmful liquids, gases or vapours, or harmful radiation, eye and face protectors should be provided to workers. These protectors should carry the label ofan accredited third party certification organisation.

Protective Clothing [Sept 2010]

Workers are exposed to heat and fire hazards in many industrial workplaces, and are thus at risk of burn injuries.

Height Safety

At the Construction Safety, Health and Security campaign in Singapore, the minister of State for Trade, Industry and Manpower announced key initiatives to raise the safety and health standards of the construction industry in Asia. The speech stressed the responsibility of all stakeholders in ensuring safety in the workplace.

Respiratory Protection [June 2010]

Relax and take a deep breath An airborne contaminant is any type of material or gas that does not normally occur in the natural ambient atmosphere. Unlike other types of hazards in the workplace, airborne contaminants are often invisible because of their small size or ubiquitous nature. You may not be able to see, feel or even smell them, however, the lungs are an extremely efficient filter and quickly absorb contaminants from the air we breathe.

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Ear Protection

In noisy workplaces hearing must be protected with hearing protectors. Often the results are poor, however, which makes the ear protection a bad investment. The key to successful ear protection is the careful planning and deep understanding of things that can go wrong. Failing to do so means the numbers suffering hearing loss will ?not decrease.

Face Fit Testing

Although workplace legislation and Health and Safety practices vary from country to country, some technical aspects of respirator fitting are fairly consistent. This article highlights UK practices, which may also apply to other countries throughout the world.

Gas Detection

The certification process for gas detection equipment can be complicated in China. Gas detection manufacturers from other major trading blocks around the world will find that exporting products to the Chinese market doesn’t follow a similar route to those for European or North American approval, for example. Differences in national standards, and a stringent approval route makes Chinese approval for gas detection products confusing and time-consuming, but not without its economic advantages.


Whether on a building site, in the fire service, or working in foodstuffs manufacturing, in times of hard competition, more and more companies are emphasising a homogeneous company look. After all, correctly and cleanly clad employees in harmonising outfits always cut a good figure as brand ambassadors. Today’s occupational clothing has to do with much more than ‘just look good’. In many sectors, safety aspects also play a large role. Anyone wishing to save on costs in the purchase and maintenance of occupational clothing relies on professional hire service suppliers.

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Eye Protection - Practical advice to keep in sight

All eye injuries are preventable, however, each work day during 2008 about 110 U.S. workers had a job-related eye injury that results in Days Away From Work Cases. According to the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)[i], overall, there are approximately 2000 work-related eye injuries in the US every day. These injuries occur in all categories of industry but the highest frequencies occur in manufacturing, transportation and construction.

Seams Absurd

Evaluating the construction and design of chemical protective clothing is vital in ensuring a selected garment is fit for use. Different garments, whilst being approved to the same European norms may have minor design differences; different width of zip cover, different hood construction and shape, and other such elements which may not be reflected in European Standard testing but may, or may not make the garment more or less suitable for any specific application. One critical aspect is how a garment is put together.

Safety Footwear - Protection through well engineered design and manufacture

To consistently and effectively provide the necessary level of protection, safety footwear must be carefully designed and manufactured. A thorough consideration at the development stage of both the design and materials to be used can save both time and money during the testing and certification stage. A well-engineered product will also help to ensure there are few or no problems identified during ongoing compliance testing, thereby avoiding costly product recalls and the risk of litigation.



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