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Gripping New Glove Solutions

This is probably going to be one of the shortest articles that you’ve ever read as the answer to that question is YES, grip is indeed the new safety feature.

Hearing Protection

David Whiting discusses how a strategic risk assessment approach can work best in noisy workplaces.

Noise Monitoring [Dec 2010]

This article explores the background to health and safety at work with respect to hearing, an often under estimated problem, not only because it is not immediately,apparent when we put our hearing at risk – the symptoms can occur years later – but also because of the consequences hearing loss can have upon our lives.

Protection for workers at height

Fall Protection is vital where the risk of a fall cannot be eliminated from the working situation. Injuries involving those who work at heights are generally much more severe than other work place accidents. These types of injuries can often be life-threatening – some are fatal. It is therefore essential that foremen of crews working on rooftops and other raised surfaces be aware of these dangers.

Safety Footwear [Dec 2010]

European Union regulations set the standard for the performance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worldwide.

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