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Fall Protection

Falls from height continue to be one of the most common causes of work place deaths and injury in the world. Pat McLoughlin, British Safety Services.  

Gas Detectors

Confined spaces contain two types of hazards: atmospheric and physical. About 40% of all confined space incidents involve hazardous atmospheres. For this reason regulators emphasise the requirement to analyse the air for hazardous conditions prior to entry and that spaces be monitored periodically, or in certain situations, continuously, while occupied.

Hand Arm Vibration

Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), previously known as ‘vibration white finger’ (VWF), is caused by repeated and frequent use of hand-held or hand guided vibrating tools or machinery. It is not certain how vibration causes the condition, but it is believed that repetitive small injuries to the peripheral nervous and vascular system in the fingers and arms causes the resultant loss of function in those areas of the body. It is key to realise that exposure to cold temperature while using hand tools increases the likelihood of the condition occurring and accentuates its symptoms.

Protective Footwear [Dec 2010]

Selecting the right type of protective footwear for your site staff is not only essential for their safety, but it also forms part of your duty of care towards your employees. Some basic understanding of footwear categories and how they’re tested can make that selection process much simpler. It can even help you avoid inferior and counterfeit goods during procurement and help mitigate your risks.

Respiratory Protection [December 2010]

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