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Ear Protection


Face Fit Testing

Although workplace legislation and Health and Safety practices vary from country to country, some technical aspects of respirator fitting are fairly consistent. This article highlights UK practices, which may also apply to other countries throughout the world. 

Gas Detection

Gas detectors for the Chinese market The certification process for gas detection equipment can be complicated in China. Gas detection manufacturers from other major trading blocks around the world will find that exporting products to the Chinese market doesn’t follow a similar route to those for European or North American approval, for example. Differences in national standards, and a stringent approval route makes Chinese approval for gas detection products confusing and time-consuming, but not without its economic advantages.

Height Safety

Industrial rope access developments in Singapore and South East Asia At the Construction Safety, Health and Security campaign in Singapore, the minister of State for Trade, Industry and Manpower announced key initiatives to raise the safety and health standards of the construction industry in Asia. The speech stressed the responsibility of all stakeholders in ensuring safety in the workplace.

Respiratory Protection [June 2010]

Relax and take a deep breath


Today, almost all companies must actively carry out customer acquisition. Only those who know how to market themselves and their services in optimal fashion are remembered by the customer. Whether these are bakers, bricklayers or sanitation experts, a neat appearance is no longer the only thing that counts. Additional prestige is to be gained by presenting staff dressed from head to foot in homogeneous occupational outfits that fit the corporate image - and therefore impart competence, quality and trust.

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