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OSA Magazine | Issue 19

Breathe Safe

The history, hierarchies and hazards associated with respiratory protection In times of necessity, ingenuity prevails. This is certainly true of respiratory protective equipment (RPE), which has been used and developed for hundreds of years. In this article, Mark Da Silva shows that with progress in standards and technology, RPE will continue to develop and evolve for hundreds of years to come.

Hazard Detection

Measures and systems to prevent confined space deaths Industrial accidents happen due to unsafe working conditions, and confined spaces are one of the most dangerous industrial examples. Special caution must be taken when working in a closed, unventilated area, because the hazards are often invisible, odourless, fast working, and difficult to escape from. Even empty and well cleaned confined spaces can pose risks.

High Visibility Standards

Working in conspicuous clothing Mark Gamble provides an overview of standards for high visibility clothing and accessories.

The Height of Safety

The competence, culture and correct equipment needed to stay safe at height My personal experience of working at height is confined to workplace inspection these days, but it wasn’t always so.

OSA Magazine | Issue 19

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