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OSA Magazine | Issue 18

Arrest That Fall (OSA)

Mark Da Silva shares his expertise in height safety and fall arrest to help you get home safely at the end of each working day.

Solvent Safety

When it comes to dealing with chemicals safety is not an option - it is an absolute necessity. As outlined in his article, Venkatesh Ganapathy knows that being fully protected against chemical hazards is imperative.

Sound Counsel

Undesired, unpleasant and loud are all ways that the Oxford English Dictionary describes noise. When it comes to your workplaces, noise can be damaging for workers and lead to devastating consequences.

Stepping Into Safety

Protect your company from expensive legal actions by protecting workers from hazards. Thomas Raldorf explains how to select the correct safety footwear.

Training For Life

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has helped save many lives in a wide range of industries. In particular, the importance of PPE cannot be overstated in almost every construction, trade and resource related occupation.

OSA Magazine | Issue 18

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