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OSA Magazine | Issue 17

Chemical Solutions

Chemical protection, appropriate PPE and chemical safety legislations Chemical incidents can be of various types and range from the need for minor first aid through to disastrous accidents involving toxic, flammable or reactive hazardous chemicals. 

Hazardous Gas Defences

Emerging as a geographical leader in production capacity for petroleum and petroleum product manufacturing, the petrochemical industry is one of the most prominent and growing industries in the Asia-Pacific region. The petrochemical industry is strategically important to the global economy, creating final products like plastics, soaps, detergents, solvents, paints, drugs, fertiliser, pesticides, explosives, synthetic textile fibres and rubber, flooring and insulating materials, and more. The process by which these products are made is hazardous in nature, as petroleum related activities and sites, including refineries, chemical manufacturing plants, shipping terminals, and bulk storage facilities, have always been vulnerable to the danger of gas leaks.

Love Your Hands

Striving for an incident free workplace, Dean Cowley shares hand safety campaigns and technologies that are driving safety in Asia.

Silent Killers

Dr Sammy Wan explores behavioural change in the use of respiratory protective equipment on Hong Kong construction sites. When people think of hazards on construction sites, images of collapsed scaffolding, overturned machinery or electrocution often spring to mind.

The Problem With Falls

A rethink on how we educate our workforces There are many safety experts around, and among them there are many real and many self-proclaimed Work-At-Height specialists and/or experts. I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to working at heights – all I know is that falls don’t kill people. It’s the stopping, or the hitting the ground or other objects that does – and that’s just it. 

OSA Magazine | Issue 17

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