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OSA Magazine | Issue 16

An Insight Into Eye Safety

An overview of hazards, standards and kinds of eye protection Eyesight is one of nature’s most precious gifts to humankind.

Arc Flash Protection

Flame resistant clothing and arc flash hazards Focusing on arc rated clothing, Trent Peyton addresses the levels of protection necessary to guard against electrical hazards.

Chemical Roulette

Chemical safety management issues in contract manufacturing Many large global brands exclusively operate on a contract manufacturing basis. In contract manufacturing, one company – a well-known global brand, for example – hires another company to produce products, parts or other materials on behalf of their client.

High Priorities

Developing strategies for safe work at height Across the world, the need to carry out work at height is increasing. With urban migration, more people are living in the already densely populated areas, land becomes premium, and buildings are constructed in taller dimensions to maximise every liveable and usable space. 

Safe System Selection

Detecting safety in confined spaces Mistakes in the workplace happen – fact. Most people use mistakes made as a learning tool, a reference point to look at an alternative when undertaking the same task next time. When working within confined space’s, however, mistakes made could ultimately mean loss of life, so learning to work safely in these potentially treacherous environments needs to be done prior to entering them to reduce or eliminate the potential for mistakes. Appropriate safety instruction along with knowledge in the use of relevant equipment is essential to all operatives intending to work within confined spaces. Here are my five steps to working safely within confined spaces.

Sound Counsel

Noise management in the workplace Human ears are precious assets. These diminutive organs are one of our primary defences, helping us to detect danger even when we are asleep, but this sensitivity is a double-edged sword. While being finely attuned to hearing useful sounds, the ear is also highly vulnerable to noise trauma that can result in hearing loss.

OSA Magazine | Issue 16

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