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OSA Magazine | Issue 15

Climbing To Safety

Ergonomic and technological inroads into safe ladder use In what is thought to be the first study of its kind on ladder design and use, Carl Sachs shares its details and conclusions with readers. This follows the excellent feedback he received at the recent ISFP (International Society for Fall Protection) Conference in Las Vegas.

Heading For Safe Ground

The many solutions to above the neck protection Accidents occur across the globe – some are reported, most are not. Some lead to injuries while others lead to fatalities. Loss of livelihoods is another consequential effect. 

Life Or Death Options

A focus on the use of flame retardant PPE to guard against arc flash Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) refers to any clothing such as gloves, goggles or any other equipment that is designed to protect the person wearing it from injury or illness. Health and safety professionals will tell you that PPE should only ever be used where there are risks to someone’s health and safety that cannot be controlled in other ways. In other words, PPE should be seen as a last resort.

Steps To Safety

Slips and trips – a worldwide safety issue Slips, trips and falls are one of the main causes of workplace injuries. Steve Rose, general manager of SATRA, China, looks at the importance of assessing footwear and flooring for slip resistance.

Training In A Tight Spot

Confined space training in the upstream oil and gas sector The increased prevalence of Competence Management Systems over recent years means that HSE training has become more stringent in the oil and gas sector. Whereas five years ago offshore crews would have received a basic version of safety training, more and more companies are now requiring rigorous assessment of confined spaces competence, with associated tick lists and practical assessment. 

OSA Magazine | Issue 15

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