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OSA Magazine | Issue 14

Asbestos Safety

With inhalation as the main entry route for asbestos into the body, Gary Cheung addresses the importance of respiratory protective equipment.

Chemical Protective PPE

Safety and health professionals are concerned, naturally, with the quality of their protective gear as they face potential hazards. The highest priority is given to employee safety. What type of personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used, and how can quality be screened? Issues such as safety, comfort, expense, ergonomics, practicality, and risk factors must all be considered and evaluated.

Effective Changes

An overview Training Oil and Gas workers is massive business. Government legislation and mandates from high up within the industry - oil companies, vessel managers, shipyards and service providers – require basic training for all staff offshore and on construction and maintenance sites.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Warren Fothergill explores the technical, legal, financial and administrative factors in the solution of noise control and its monitoring.

Occupational Head Protection

Better safe than sorry is the bottom line for the top priority of protecting your head, as Mark Da Silva explains.

Slip Sliding Away

Of all the categories of footwear that are gainfully employed using a functional attribute, no segment relies so heavily on a guaranteed performance of its claims than the industrial and safety footwear industry.

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