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OSA Magazine | Issue 12

Breaking Through Rule Breaking

In this article G Venkatesh analyses the importance of PPE, the current ground realities, the exorbitant charges levied by some PPE manufacturers, and how to ensure that PPE is used for the right reasons.

Donít Turn a Blind Eye

Eye injuries in the workplace can have a devastating effect on the individual involved and on their family. In the worst cases, eye injuries can lead to partial or even total blindness. This article explores means of safeguarding workers’ eyes from a variety of workplace hazards.

Keep Your Head

Alwyn Mendonca guides us through occupational head protection, including the correct selection, use and maintenance of PPE.

Mining Tragedy Revisited

The loss of 29 lives in the Pike River Mine Disaster of November 19, 2010 will be forever remembered as one of the darkest days in the history of coalmining in New Zealand. As an industry we are constantly aware of terms such as ‘Emergency Preparedness’ and ‘Emergency Response Management Plans’, and numerous seminars and forums are facilitated to study these topics in detail.

Safety Budget Success

Dealing with one of safety’s toughest challenges is funding projects on worksites that senior managers never see. Fall prevention specialist Carl Sachs has become an expert at attracting funding for OHS. Here, he shares the secrets of successful investment in safety.

Testing the Limits

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most common, permanent occupational injury in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Yet it is preventable. SATRA’s Andy Todd outlines why occupational noise assessments and fully tested and certified hearing protection products are key.

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