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Burning Questions In Workwear

Protective clothing offers the wearer reliable protection against health risks and environmental effects related to their job which cannot be avoided in their line of work. In Germany, for example, protective clothing amounts to about 40% of the total market for personal protection equipment (PPE), thus being the biggest individual business segment for PPE, followed by hand protection (22%) and protective footwear (14%).

Design In The Safety

An innovative, bespoke access solution to ensure the enhanced safety of workers was recently designed and used for the installation of soffit cladding for India’s new Formula One Grand Prix Stadium. John Boyle, director at Eurosafe Solutions, discusses the full process from the system’s initial conception, through to the project’s successful completion.

Life Preserving RPE

David Lummis, CEO of the British Safety Industry Federation, discusses the importance of correctly fitting Respiratory Protective Equipment, the factors to take into account when selecting such equipment and UK initiatives that have been set up to help tackle these issues.

Safety in the Wind

Gas detection is the simple phrase used for ‘atmospheric testing’ or ‘atmospheric sampling’. The process involves capturing a sample of the atmosphere so it can be analysed to determine the percentage or amount of a particular substance in the atmosphere (the air we breathe).

Shaking Up Safety

Some schools of thought advocate wearing gloves to guard employees against Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Others suggest the protection gloves offer from this condition is minimal. Whatever your counsel has been on this matter, it’s important managers have a comprehensive understanding of this potentially very serious condition in order to safeguard workers health in the long term – whether that’s by supplying their work force with suitable hand protection, or through other means.

Slips, Trips and Falls [Jun 2012]

Ninety-five percent of accidents in our industry happen due to unsafe situations. Due to all such unsafe situations, the most frequently occurring accidents in professional and non-professional life are slips, trips and falls. They are the major cause of injuries worldwide.

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