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Five Tests for Footwear

Since June 1995, products designed to protect the user from health and safety hazards must be CE marked before they can be sold in the European Community.

Gas Detection

Gas detection technology is widely used in industry to protect people, plant and atmosphere from the damage that would take place due to release of flammable or toxic gas/vapours. A gas detector of some kind - either fixed or portable - is usually part of safety engineering system.

Occupational Noise

Perhaps the most pervasive and widespread occupational hazard in industrialised nations around the world is high levels of noise. Noise is defined as unwanted sound, sound interfering with or masking another sound, or sound occurring at irregular intervals varying in intensity and frequency.

Protective Coveralls

Heat and flame testing of protective coveralls Manufacturers producing garments protecting workers against heat and flame hazards have three ISO standards which can be utilised in the design of the garments: namely ISO 11611:2007 (protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes), ISO 11612:2008 (protective clothing for workers exposed to heat) and ISO 14116:2008 (protective clothing for workers exposed to flame).

The Great Roofing Story

Intentions behind following safety rules What is Project Management? Despite the plethora of information available on the subject and the access to different diplomas/degree courses in Project Management, the cardinal rule is that Project Management is all about getting things done. While a theoretical course is extremely helpful to understand the techniques, the knowledge of project management is mainly derived from experience.

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