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Finding the Perfect Gloves

Never underestimate the value of your hands. Your hands help you every second of every day. They are there to help you cook your favorite meal, play catch with your kids, and hold your loved ones close.

Gas Detection

Security and peace of mind in their oxygen sensors is what individuals need when their duties involve entering potentially hazardous environments found in numerous different industries.

Industrial Noise Exposure

Occupational noise exposure has been linked to a variety of negative health effects by various researchers around the world. Occupational noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most prevalent irreversible industrial disease and noise is the biggest compensable occupational hazard in many countries according to a WHO report.

Making A Spectacle

Jane White, research and information services manager at the UK-based Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, (IOSH) talks about the need for eye protection in hazardous workplaces across Asia and the Pacific.

Slip Hazards

In the workplace, at home or at leisure, slipping on a surface can take just a fraction of a second, while the consequences could last for a lifetime. Broken bones, lost reputation and litigation under health and safety legislation are some of the possible outcomes. Thousands of slipping accidents and injuries that occur each year are caused by a lack of friction, or slip resistance, between footwear and floor and often can be prevented (or at least much reduced) with some forethought. 

Workplace Safety

No-one owns up to working dangerously; at least not until it is shown that they are guilty of this! But by then it is too late for everyone, especially the injured person.

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